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This training is about conflict transformation in youth organizations. It is about including all the colors as equal with the right communication and management tools. With this training, we will be targeting the voice of minorities whose voice is not heard in decision-making processes, who are regretting or not feeling comfortable to express their opinions against the majority or autocratic behaviours. We will experience some practical tools to understand our positionalities in the conflicts and management of the conflict without leaving anyone behind. These tools will broaden the communication in the team, provide participatory leadership, and change the major democracy definition. This time we will not try to find peace, on the contrary, we will search after the conflict. Rather than repressing the opposite opinions, only giving space to the voices we got used to hearing and sweeping the tense moments under the carpet; we will learn to manage the conflict, we will accept NO as an answer, and make the structures upside down until hearing all the voices. If you are interested in participatory and inclusive conflict transformation, join me, and let’s get loud, together!