Mission and Vision

Who we are

We are a group of youth, interested in intercultural learning and promoting dialogue between Turkey and Germany. By bringing young people from these two distinct but historically and politically connected locations, we aim at empowering each other while learning from one another. Since 2018, we are implementing various projects in multiple fields, opting for a peer-to-peer approach!

Our Mission & Vision

To empower young people to contribute to society with confidence and without prejudice is our main starting point. Therefore, we create moments of mutual inspiration, learning and exchange of experiences at eye level. We are firm believers that the communication between young people from Germany and Turkey is particularly important due to various social links between these two countries. For this purpose, we organize meetings to bring youth from Germany and Turkey together. For us, a peer-to-peer approach is the key of our association, since we believe we can learn from each other, so that we can reflect voices of youth stronger at the international level.